It’s my very own blog, it’s happening, welcome to WearWhatWorks!

Thanks for stopping by, this blog hopes to covers everything fashion; the benefits of dressing for yourself and wearing what makes you, you! 

As Dr Suss said, ‘Today you are you, that’s truer than true. There is no one alive that’s youer than you!’

Student days are a thing of the past for me, I’m now working a real life, full time job (hehhh, when did that happen?) and since stepping into the ‘real world of work’ I have noticed that many ladies evidentially see dressing for the day ahead as an absolute chore! When I was an office newbie, comments flew past me daily remarking that I had ‘really made an effort’ or that i was ‘looking rather bright’ or I was simply ‘very well presented’ that day and I mean, correct me if I’m wrong, but why the hell not!! 

Alot of woman believe men have it easy getting up every morning and mixing it up with a new shirt or tie, but its evident that many woman wake up and begin to rifle through their, potentially outdated, wardrobe without taking the time to stand back and think (even for 2 seconds, I know time is precious pre 8am) how they want to feel that day! That wardrobe should be your saving grace for Monday’s miseries, Tuesday’s turbulence, Wednesday’s workload, Thursday’s triumph, Friday’s fun and (most importantly) the weekend’s antics!

Many woman won’t make half an effort because ‘they don’t care about the men in the office’ or some other ridiculous excuse … its time to start dressing for YOU and make yourself feel good because lets face it, only you can do that!

So, come on, admit it, your workwear hasn’t been updated in, you want to say a few weeks but in reality your wearing that grey jumper, you know the really comfy one you got when you started working… yeah 5 years ago!

Look good, feel good …  its that easy!

But before we go any further, let me introduce myself. I’m Caoilfhionn – commonly mispronounced.  I’m sure you just read past that name and thought ok I’ll deal with that later…Believe me, I have heard every pronunciation from Caitlin to California and to simply, ‘Hi can I speak with the Irish one please?’ So to save you the bother, well go straight in with phonetics – its pronounced KEE-LIN, simples!

Previously I worked in retail where there was no choice but to wear black (black dresses, black skirts, black trousers if you fancied.. but it had to be BLACK) so I was delighted when the opportunity presented itself to get creative with my ‘work-wear’ as its known.

Now please, plenty of people will read this and think, why? What’s the point? But let’s be honest, as much as we don’t want to admit it, we spent the majorityyyy of our week (or life as it sometimes seems) in work so why not make a big deal of it, regarding fashion at least?

When I started out I separated half my wardrobe for ‘work clothes’ and half for ‘weekend outfits’ but as time went on they seemed to merge. I love my job so what’s the harm in mixing and matching? I mean the majority of my Saturdays are spent in gym wear until such time I choose to socialise and Sundays are only fun when spent in loungewear watching Friends or Gossip Girl, am I right?

Its not all work and no play though, I love getting dressed up for a night out, sourcing out the best new restaurants  and sampling all the independent coffee shops Edinburgh has to offer!

So go ahead, have a read, have a scroll because you may just find yourself a high street bargain, the newest trends, a few tips on how to make Monday easier, or more bearable, or even how to jazz up a ‘boring’ Thursday outfit for weekend-eve drinks post office hours!

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For now, I better get back to work…

Chat Soon, Caoilfhionn x


With Caoilfhionn