My First Event as a BLOGGER!

Have you ever felt like a VIP? Well, get comfy, let me explain.

Dry Jan (for those who actually had the willpower to complete it…) ended with a classy bang on Feb 1st when I was invited to attended my first event as a blogger (faaancy)!  I attended the Sesh Hairdressing Salon Relaunch, and wow, how fantastic!

After getting that text to say my Topshop order had arrived, I sat at my desk staring at the clock impatiently waiting for 5pm. At 1 second past I took myself home weighing up the whole journey if I really needed those boots to ‘complete the outfit’ I had planned but, that was a no brainer…


So After arriving to the beautiful Malmaison Hotel at the serene Shore area of Edinburgh we were greeted by the lovely ladies of AJC 93 and taken to a table to mingle with fellow Edinburgh Bloggers and press! A welcomed glass of prosecco was the drink of choice for me from a large menu of amazing cocktails and wines (needless to say I passed on the soft drinks..)  Canapés were in abundance and the atmosphere was super relaxed and fun. Before we knew it, it was time to make our way to the highly anticipated Sesh Salon!


Sesh was contemporary and bright, it was evident that the clients experience was the forerunner in the design of such a welcoming salon. We were greeted by owner Simon Hill who introduced his team gave a brief rundown on the concept of the salon and outlined what was on offer throughout the evening. The evening was light hearted and informative, with trials and consultations for all, yay!


‘Situated on Bernard Street in the heart of the creative Leith area of Edinburgh – is a treat to escape the hussle and bustle – SESH Hairdressing


My time came, after a few glasses of bubbles, for a treatment! The lovely Laureen, sat me down for a consultation and we agreed on a bouncy blowdry – just in time for the weekend! The all new washing room was just like any spa you would only dream of with low-lighting and a gorgeous scented candle burning in the background. Laureen talked me through the products she would be using and the benefits of them for my hair. After a thorough wash and extremely relaxing head massage (I was very nearly asleep!) I was taken through to the newly extended area of the salon for my blow dry!

Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 19.36.59

Conversation was flowing between myself, Laureen and those passing by and before I knew it I had a gorgeous bouncy blow dry. At this point I questioned when it would be ok to ask Laureen to be the first member of my glam squad… I mean, a girl can dream, right?



We all received goody bags with amazing products to end the night on a high. I cannot wait to go back to the lovely team in Sesh and get ‘Beautiful hair with Leith flare!’. Needless to say, the next day, a curly blowdry ‘worked’ – I bounced into the office feeling like Kate Middleton, even if only for one day!

Keen to book in for a consultation, a curly blow dry or a complete colour transformation, click here to check out their website! Such a friendly and confident team set within such a gorgeous salon, you will not be disappointed, honestly!

As for me, I had a ball! I can’t wait for the next event!

Chat soon lovelies

Caoilfhionn x

P.S. This is not sponsored or an ad or whatever it is lucky bloggers get involved with, I’m just honest and maybe a bit too excited to have been invited along!


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