There is a climate emergency. We all know this, unless you have been living under a rock (or two). Remember the saying live and let live? Nope, me neither! Today it seems everyone knows something more than the person they are talking to and those who don’t agree with them are just ignorant and uneducated. Some know all there is to know and because they are so well educated on one topic, they feel the need to preach this in an aggressive manner to those less knowledgeable. Or maybe I’m being harsh? 

What I have come to understand as important is that we all aim to make changes in our daily lives, break old habits and care for the environment. You know the girl that refuses to drive a car in an effort to lower her carbon footprint? She gets a coffee in a single use cup every morning whilst waiting for the bus. And you know that guy that uses shampoo bars and only shops in plastic free supermarkets. He flies to London once a week for work. No one is perfect so stop acting like we all should be!

“Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world”

Last month seen the Oxfam campaign #SecondHandSeptember go live and what a reception it got with the hashtag being shared on Instagram over 48,000 times! We all know, or partly know as it may be, the damaging effect fast fashion has on the environment. I remember hearing about fast fashion some time ago and the effects it has on the planet… surely not? I remember being told to watch The True Cost on Netflix and never did. Being the shopaholic, fashion lover that I am I’m sure, in hindsight, that was a subconscious decision I made as I didn’t want to face reality and alter my *obsessive* shopping habits.

One night, home alone I found myself on the sofa flicking through another dire night of TV whilst paying more attention to my phone. Before I knew it, Sarah Dooley’s mancunian accent filled the room and I put my phone away to find out what she would be investigating this time. Fashion’s Dirty Secrets. It struck a cord, it scared the life out of me and from there I became interested, very interested!

No, I didn’t stop shopping over night, I didn’t delete all the shopping app’s from my phone, I didn’t stop my ‘Sunday Scroll’ feature on Instagram stories and nope, I didn’t decide to buy only ethically sourced clothing because to be honest, it’s a process. We are conditioned in a way that today a new outfit is not a want but a need for every social event (especially being brought up in Derry where re-wearing an outfit is basically social suicide). App’s save our card details or paypal accounts so you don’t even have to leave the sofa to order that dress which might be ideal for that night out you have coming up – next day delivery will let you make the decision, tomorrow! Shopping connects us all and give us something to discuss. Magazines are filled from cover to cover with the newest trends, the latest IT dress and latest styles straight from the FROW of fashion weeks all over the world – just cheaper high street versions, obviously! Our favourite influencers collaborate with brands and sites we love to lure us in – I’ve been there, done it and literally bought the t-shirt. So no, I probably still am as bad as the next person. My disposable income isn’t massive so when needing new work clothes, jeans or another piece of clothing, in all honesty, my first instinct is to go on ASOS, Zara or the like! Despite this, I tried something. I tried to educate myself on the topic. I read articles, I frequented charity shops more often than not and became a more ‘conscious’ shopper if you will. I now question how often I will wear a piece, I don’t buy to wear once like I used to do and I have started selling clothes on to others. All very small steps but the difference being – I am open to learning and adapting my ways!

When a follower brought my attention to the #SecondHandSeptember campaign I was delighted to sign up. I toyed with the idea of sharing it on my social platform, wary of the response to fast fashion and the like I got in the past but decided to go ahead regardless, if it meant one person signing up then I would consider it a success. Of course the messages came in, the majority delighted to be alerted to such a great campaign but of course there was the nay-sayers. A non-follower, who I guess does a lot to help the environment, branded me as ‘false’ and ‘transparent’. I resisted the urge to ask for tips on how she made the effort to help the environment. The point being, so many people have so much to say. Social media is the kindest corner at times but also a haven for keyboard warriors to give their tuppence worth when they fancy it, not allowing anyone to do right for doing wrong!

#SecondHandSeptember dominated my social media feed with so many people getting on board. I took the opportunity to swap out my high street Sunday scroll and share second hand finds with followers and as the days went on I realised that in fact, a lot of the people getting on board were, amongst others, ‘instagrammers/influencers’. This got me thinking, whilst I appreciate everyone wanting to do their bit to help the environment, it’s deeper than that. Are we really just all our own worst enemies? Do we all put too much pressure on ourselves when we feel we don’t have new content for ‘the gram’ or new clothes for the new season?

We all get excited when we get new clothes (I for one can’t last a day before ripping the label off new clothing), despite wanting to save the planet, are we latching onto #SecondHandSeptember as a way to save ourselves, from ourselves? The social pressure alleviated from this campaign is enough to allow everyone to get creative with what they have, shop their own wardrobe or a friends because, what is actually wrong with that?

Here are a few things I have found myself doing over the past year and more so the past month – tips and tricks I guess…


Don’t just buy something because it would be perfect for that night out… try and train yourself, if you don’t already, to shop for pieces, not outfits. Don’t buy something because it goes well with one pair of trousers you will wear twice at most. Make a conscious effort to buy things that you know you will get wear of time and time and time again! I tend to ask myself, when I wear this once – will I wear it again? If the answer is yes I’ll then decide, how many times will I wear it and if the answer is two or three I make a conscious decision to leave it behind (as difficult as that may feel sometimes) but if the answer is five or six times then I know it something I genuinely love and won’t be rushing back to the shop to buy something all too similar in a couple of weeks! This doesn’t mean it has to be expensive pieces, just don’t go buying 7 tops from cheap site because you *might* wear each of them once!


You never know who is leaving their previously loved clothes into charity shops! I have offloaded perfect clothing to charity shops in the past, sometimes with the tags still on so chances are you could be in for a treat. Find yourself with an afternoon to spare and go searching! The price will be miniscule and you might even find a vintage beauty that the high street couldn’t come close to matching!  Another fun way of shopping second hand is through vintage kilo sales, of which I have got a lot of gorgeous items in the past (and it’s a total novelty) or organise a local clothes swap – just swap out a pieces of your clothing for someone else’s and you won’t even have to part with cash before finding yourself with a whole new wardrobe!


Ok, this is a new one for me as well! Depop is similar to eBay but focused on clothes, shoes and accessories! I have found it takes a bit of searching to find sellers you are interested in but the ‘Discovery’ page acts like the cover page of ASOS for example and holds items under different subtitles! People will often wear items once and sell them on so it’s very common to get new season pieces at a cheaper price than currently in store!


Imagine it – a Tuesday night, I’m lying in bed and thinking meh, I have nothing to wear to work tomorrow or likewise if I have an event coming up and don’t want to buy something new/my bank balance is forbidding me to do lol. If nothing springs to my mind I will always open Pinterest and start to search for inspiration. Usually a theme will develop and I guess that’s what I want to wear!

Recently my brother called me after a work meeting and told me of an older lady he had just spoken with. She was 88 and he asked what her plans were for the remainder of the day, she responded saying  ‘Oh, I’m going to Topshop and Zara. You don’t have to shop there or wear the clothes but you always have to know what’s on trend.’

Get the inspiration, find the garments and always, always wear what works!

Chat soon

“It is the greatest of all mistakes to do nothing because you can only do little. Do what you can.”


The most beautiful in the city in the world. Architecture to die for. Aesthetically pleasing. Idyllic. Gothic. Mesmerising.

Ways I have heard lots of different people describe Edinburgh, and they are all right! When I first moved to Edinburgh one of the things I fell in love with was the views it offered from all parts of the city. Arriving into Princes Street on the top deck of a bus I was struck with the backdrop of the Castle falling over the city. 7 years later the views still take my breath away, especially on a summer’s day or a crisp winter’s morning!

However, unless you re the proud owner of a Penthouse, you’re willing to hike up Arthurs Seat or lose you breathe getting to the top of Calton Hill (just in time for sunset) your opportunity to view Edinburgh from a height is pretty limited! Whilst the city offers one or two pretty viewing points indoors, a gap in the market was almost too obvious. Enter Nor Loft. The city’s newest and most glamorous champagne bar sitting proudly on the 7th floor of Market Street Hotel. A fresh and contemporary addition slotted in almost perfectly amongst the tradition and character of existing builds right on the doorstep of Edinburgh’s famous old town.

As the Fringe drew to a close it was getting closer and closer to the date my sister would be moving half way across the world to get a taste for student life in Malaysia. As comedy, street food and alcohol preoccupied my time throughout August, I barely had time to make it to work never mind organise a beautiful send off for her… sorry Eimear! Nor Loft got in touch and it was a match made in heaven.

Greeted with the warm smiles of the staff that tended to us, I knew immediately this was somewhere I would be returning too. Sipping bubbles whilst looking over the famous skyline of the city I felt very lucky to call Edinburgh home from home. The incredible views paired with the most chic interiors, this new stop had left no stone unturned. The waiters wore belts with the hotel logo acting as a solid buckle, the cushions were dressed in tartan created especially for the hotel and a fireplace display at the far side of the bar displayed the first line of the Flower of Scotland. Attention to detail was second to none! As the rest of the group excitedly studied the menu I took a dander to the back of the space and observed the kitchen in full swing and almost felt the desire to slip into one of the many cosy corners and hide from the world on my way back to the table… it’s that kind of place!

As time moved on, we enjoyed fantastic champagne and ate some of the tastiest food I have ever had… that is no exaggeration which is strange coming from me! We started with olives and pickles and a selection of fresh breads paired with an olive oil and balsamic vinegar dip then moved on to the main event. The bite size plates come out as they are ready which is perfect for the relaxed setting. Firstly we enjoyed soy marinated quails eggs with wasabi mayo covered in sesame seeds and black onion salt, then smoked chicken rillettes with caesar dressing and parmesan tuille, an incredible brie, gruygere and champagne fondue with toasted seeds and chili jam which was recommended by the lovely waitress, Natasha and finally, my favourite dish of the lot –  a plate of monkfish and serrano ham with homemade tartare sauce. Sometimes the more basic the better! After washing it down with (another) glass of champagne we took a breath of fresh air outside on the balcony and took in the amazing sights of the city from all angles. A dream!

As we were leaving the friendly staff gave us a tour of a selection of rooms on offer within the hotel itself. Chic and contemporary with a Scottish twist – never forgetting their roots, I like that!

If I can give you a little advice it would be to clear your afternoon, make your way to the 7th floor, enjoy a glass or two (or 3 or 4) of bubbles, get the monkfish and WearWhatWorks for a bangin’ outfit picture on the balcony overlooking the city!

Let me know if you go, I’ll only be a little jealous – or I’ll catch you there!

Chat soon
Caoilfhionn x

[note I was invited to experience Nor Loft but was not obliged to share my thoughts]


An exciting meeting to start my weekend. Who am I?!

As I bolted out of the office at midday I internally squealed with excitement. I arrived home with an hour to spare and began to nervously clean every surface imaginable (Mrs Hinch, you have taught me a lot). Was the next thing on my agenda really happening, did they actually want me or would it all fall through at the last minute when they realised I wasn’t in actual fact Scottish, just took Edinburgh under my wing and lovingly called it home from home…


As I sat with the project team and the lovely Erika Saccone, a European fashion influencer, it seemed it hadn’t fallen through and yep, they absolutely wanted me… Briefing complete, myself and Erika got to know one another over delicious Thai food (Ting Thai Caravan – if you haven’t been, put it at the top of your list) and a few Espresso Martini’s to keep us alert (obviously)  before calling it a night. All good tour guides need an early night, right?



Edinburgh Castle, The Royal Mile, Arthur’s Seat and Holyrood Palace – just a handful of the amazing sites to behold when visiting Edinburgh… the first time round. They add character and understanding to a historic city but, for me, Edinburgh’s true character can be found through its architecture, the friendly faces and all those little small streets leading to who knows where! Given Edinburgh’s permanent aesthetically pleasing backdrop, admiring the Castle from small cobbled streets can sometimes be more rewarding – chances are you won’t have to force your way past coach loads of tourists and bonus, you may stumble upon an Instagram worthy café for a coffee, #relateable.

Stockbridge doesn’t feature on Trip Advisor’s top 10 places to visit in Edinburgh. A flaw? Absolutely! Let’s get something straight, I’m not the kind of girl who grabs a coffee at the vendor positioned beneath the Eiffel Tower; I want to get lost in the raw, unedited parts of a city, meet the locals and try my best at fitting in. Making the journey to Edinburgh for the weekend, this is exactly what I wanted  Erika to experience in our beautiful city. Factoring in my favourite independent boutique shops en route, I took Erika on a whistle stop tour of the city because, why would we want her to leave without the desire to plan a return visit.

Whether you have lived in Edinburgh for longer than me, have only began your studies here or are planning a flying visit for the weekend, have you ever thought about what you might find if you tried to Uncover Edinburgh?


Princes Street and George Street offer just about every High Street store your heart may desire, Multrees Walk is the place to be for high end goods and Harvey Nichols, Scotland’s only designer department store, allows you to feel like a glam diva for whatever amount of time you choose to  walk around admiring things you absolutely cannot afford. Nice try Edinburgh, you are just like every other major city in the UK…. when it comes to the High Street that is. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes people mistake Zara as a friend of mine who emails a lot and I love H&M as much as the next gal, especially for workwear, but what I really enjoy is the personable experience that comes with shopping local!

Thankfully, if you dig deep enough you will find that Edinburgh has an abundance of independent retailers all of which are greatly loved by locals and tourists alike who have been lucky enough to stumble upon them!

A shop where ‘character’ only begins to scrape the surface and describe this independent retailer. Greeted with a warm, cosy atmosphere, it’s inevitable from first impression you will be returning. If the wall size display of jeans, colourful knits or dainty jewellery isn’t enough to grab your attention, the friendly staff or resident puppy, Nessy, (the obvious choice for employee of the month, every month) will do just that. Adele, the founder of ALC, saw a gap in the market 6 years ago for a bespoke boutique in Edinburgh to help it’s customers find that pair of jeans, or in other words – your new best friend! The snowball effect took place and now the shop stocks a wide range of unique brands not readily available on the high street! Stop in to pick up cosy knit to see you through the winter, a statement coat or simply to have a chat with the super knowledgeable girls and suss out your next favourite pair of jeans.
[61 Thistle Street, Edinburgh, EH2 1DY]


Aoife – fashion student, retail assistant, blogger and stand in photographer. Girl has got it all going on

Those Were The Days
Sick of the typical shopping experiences? Venture down the steps on St Stephens Street, Stockbridge and travel back in time to fancy yourself as a 1920’s lady trying on a vintage flapper dress or celebrate the Spice Girls going on tour by picking up your favourite 90’s style piece. Handpicked from as far as LA and New York, Claire, a self-confessed Vintage Rummager, does a great job of finding vintage pieces and nursing them back to their pre-owned state with love and care so the customer doesn’t have to! This hidden gem celebrates all era’s and gives ladies and gents alike the chance to pick up something truly unique, offering clothing for all occasions! I can assure you that if you pick up a party dress from Those Were the Days for your upcoming Christmas Party, chances of Susan in HR wearing the same one are slim to none – winning! Claire shared her love of vintage clothing with Edinburgh and opened Those Were the Days 7 years ago. The gorgeous and quirky shop expanded within the last year to host Edinburgh’s only vintage bridal shop with dresses dating back to Edwardian times. Even if you don’t fancy yourself as a vintage lover, so to speak, call to the gorgeous boutique and I can guarantee you will be leaving with, at the very least, a smile on your face!
[26-28 St Stephens Street, Edinburgh, EH3 5AL]

Self proclaimed vintage lover, Claire!



Epitome of Edinburgh 
Ever fancied a total investment, in clothing terms, obviously? Epitome stocks the most amazingly niche and luxurious brands from A.P.C. to Engineered Garments and Sofie D’Hoore including many brands which are only available in the UK. The airy and contemporary store shouts about what it aspires to offer from the minute you open the large glazed door and step inside. The atmosphere gives the most relaxed shopping feel and totally transports you from the manic feel of the city centre only minutes away! Epitome has built rapport with locals and tourists alike over the past 6 years situated on one of Edinburgh’s main artery streets. If a luxury Max Mara coat isn’t what you had in mind, the eagerly sought after Veja shoes will catch your eye or admire and treat yourself to a beautiful dainty jewellery on display. Disclaimer, you will be totally spoilt for choice and leave wanting to be 10 times cooler than you think you already are! PS. if all this sounds too tempting, Epitome ship worldwide, so, what are you waiting for!
[35 Dundas Street, Edinburgh, EH3 6QQ]




Unfortunately for us, our day flew past at lightning speed and  after spending too much time admiring clothes and chattering like best friends with the respective shop owners, 6pm came about quicker than we imagined. A coffee at Burr & Co to perk us up followed by pizza at Civerino’s Slice was the only thing we could manage as we discussed the day – retail therapy is hard work! The following day we uncovered a hidden coffee shop, The Milkman (a personal favourite), and enjoyed the crisp, fresh day in Edinburgh’s city centre browsing the high street and what it had to offer!

Almond croissants and coffee from The Milkman.

With so many independent hidden gems my trips to the city centre will be a little different from now on, and so will my wardrobe! Zara will still email me on the odd occasion but knowing of such boutiques adds an element of personality and excitement, and if I am ever looking for a chat I will absolutely be popping in to the girls at ALC – even if it’s just to visit Nessy!


Do yourself a favour, Uncover Edinburgh. You will be shocked with what you find, the people you meet and fun you have along the way! Independent retailers make it very easy to WearWhatWorks.

Chat soon
Caoilfhionn x

Summer’s over… let’s office!

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but its true! The Edinburgh Fringe has come to an end (listen close enough and you’ll hear locals scream with happiness), sunshine comes a little later in the mornings and hello, its September – where has 2018 gone?! Summer is well and truly over, which means autumn clothing will be making a reappearance soon enough. Anyway, I digress…

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