A very strange and frightening time for everyone. What is actually going on? How long will this last? Will my family be ok? When can I go for a pint again? Will I survive without my friends? Is a bottle of gin an essential item? Will I actually start missing Susan in accounts?

So many questions and next to no answers to match. How are we meant to deal with this time? Social media seems to be surviving on streams of content telling us to be happy, enjoy spending time with family, enjoy the chance to get outside and be home but in reality we are subconsciously crippled with fear and the idea of enjoying this time on house arrest seems shameful, or maybe that’s just me?

This week is my third working from home. The first two were a walk in the park, adjusting to the new normal and naively thinking everything would return to business as usual after seeing through two weekends at home… this week can only been described as a rollercoaster of emotion. 

It’s Easter this weekend and my first time being away from family during a holiday. A weird feeling… are Easter eggs a decent replacement for a roast? I don’t think it matters what age you are, being far from family at a time like this is hard! Right now the reality is, that’s love! A weekend at home when lockdown has ended will be a lot more enjoyable.

Consider this analogy I conjured up last night if you will…

You’re driving along, trying to make it from work on time to get to a dinner date with friends that you could really do without but feel you should go along. Naturally you’re late so press on to accelerator a little harder than usual. Out of nowhere a car appears in front of you, you smash into the back of it and everything stops. You are forced in a short space of time to consider a lot. Nothing else matters but, are you ok? Is the driver of the other car ok? Has anyone been hurt on the road? Just then you think, I would love to be at dinner with my friends. No one, that you are aware of, has been hurt by the accident. The cars have not been wrote off but are pretty fragile and could breakdown at any time. you drive home keeping your distance from other cars on the road and when you reach home you decide, for your own safety and that of others not to leave again, unless absolutely essential!

Covid-19 is the car that appeared out of nowhere. It hasn’t hurt or affected the majority of us but has the ability to do so. We are driving the car rushing to get to dinner with friends, another date in a jam packed diary but suddenly we are stopped in our tracks. We panic, worry about the what-if’s and long for normality, time with family and friends. We understand the need to be cautious, stay home and only leave for essential matters. In a matter of weeks life has went from 90mph to 20mph; a hectic life to a slow paced reality. The transition can’t be easy for many. It will all affect us at different points!

Over the past few weeks I’ve realised a few things that have helped me deal with this new pace of life as we know it. Maybe they will help you too….

1. Brighten up your house! & no I don’t mean a refurbish… that’s effort! Next time you venture to the shops, pick up a bunch of flowers! I guarantee they will make you smile when they catch your eye unexpectedly, especially in the morning light.

2. Schedule in things you consider a treat for specific days… have wine on a Friday – celebrate the weekend! Make your favourite coffee through the week at a specific time, make your favourite dinner on a Tuesday, have chocolate on a Saturday or make pancakes for breakfast on a Sunday! This will give markers for the week and give you something small to look forward to! Pizza Fridays are a thing for us

3. SWOTD. Focus on finding a small win of the day, it surprisingly has the ability to your day a whole lot brighter

4. Limit social media consumption every so often. Set a time limit on app’s or simply turn your phone off and enjoy the present. If you’re anything like me, it should lift a weight off your shoulders

5.       Still working from home? Don’t force yourself to be at your work station from 9 to 5. This isn’t realistic in a home working environment. Set tasks for the day, be productive and always have an approximate time in which you are going to clock off. Don’t let work time run into your own chill time; a work/life balance has never been so important!

6. Speak to family and friends. I don’t necessarily mean have a pub quiz on zoom but actually speak. If you’re feeling low, worried or just need a friendly conversation, speak!!

7. Schedule in a little self-care every week. Try working out, medidation, yoga, a bath, read a book, light a candle. Do something that helps your brain feel calm and switch off.

8. Go easy on yourself! No one has a ‘Global Pandemic for Dummies’ guide lying about. We are all learning and adapting daily. Don’t forget that! Just keep smiling.

9. Set yourself a goal. It doesn’t have to be huge but have something that is going to stimulate your brain. There is only so much Netflix you can watch, amirite? Set aside time to work towards your goal. Gardening? Yoga? Cooking? Getting better at make-up? Whatever it is, do it and do it for you!

10.   Do your best. That’s enough.

Look after yourself, was your hands and stay at home! Oh and while you’re there, wear what works, right now it’s mostly lounge wear… bonus!

Chat soon, Keels x

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