Just be you…


Today’s a good day to remember how important you are, and not just in relation to your bangin’ outfit. Yep, I’m talking to you

I have previously posted about wearing what makes you just feel like you, because that is something I will always stand by and feel it’s what makes me, me (and of course inspired WearWhatWorks)! Its a way of speaking without so much as opening your mouth but, being you comes in all shapes and sizes! Your personality, how you cook, how you laugh, how you smile, what makes you smile, what you enjoy, the type of people you get along with, your hobbies, interests, pet peeves, favourite food, favourite thing to do come 5pm on a Saturday evening, we all even have our very own phone voice!

Sometimes, we fall victims to shying away from who we truly are. Sometimes, unbeknown to us, we let other people do the talking for us, we let others dictate how we feel. Whilst this doesn’t make us feel amazing about ourselves, the worst about it is, we don’t realise it until it has happened!

I love to imagine that, now I’m 24 (I know, I’m that grandma in the club), I have it all together. I mean, I have a routine, I buy my groceries on a Sunday, I meal prep, I work AND go to the gym. I mean thats a lot going on, when I was at uni the groceries consisted of Lidl cookies, and a chicken stir fry if I was feeling extra healthy…

BUT, let’s get real, not everyone has everything together, all the time and I for one need to remind myself of that, a lot! The one constant that everyone can rely on is staying true to themselves, even when someone is getting on your last nerve, if work is seemingly getting too much or those goals you have set just seem too far away. Reign it back in, reset and go again because, no one said life would be easy, ever!

For me, a smile is the starting point! Speak to the people who actually care about you, grab a coffee, forget those who are, in reality, insignificant and you can almost guarantee you will start to feel like YOU again; the desired result, surely?

We have all encountered those toxic people in life, you know those people who want to see you fall, who care more about themselves and don’t think twice about making you feel upset or hurt. WHO do these people think they are? It is so easy to get caught up in the ill acts of kindness of these people, discussing, analysing, reanalysing and then becoming¬† quite obsessed with the such events to tryyyy and get a reasonable excuse on behalf of such people. It’s at this point we need to reassess our thoughts and take pity because I’m sure it takes a lot more effort to be nasty than happy and carefree? I know which I would rather.

Enough of my rambling, what I’m hoping to get to is for you to always stay true to you. Don’t get caught up in other peoples misery because at the bottom of it all, everyone is fighting a battle that we know nothing about! & another thing, don’t worry if you don’t have absolutely everything together right now, whatever you’re balancing, I’m sure you’re doing a pretty good job at it! No one is perfect, but everyone is themselves.

‘Always remember that you are unique, just like everyone else.’ – Margaret Mead.

For now, wearwhatworks, and that includes your personality!

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